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By Dr. Rakhi Nagar

Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

Obesity is not just a cosmetic concern but a serious health issue that can put a person at a greater risk of chronic ailments like diabetes, heart diseases, and even cancer.

Ayurveda provides potential solution for weight loss as through Ayurveda Treatment; weight loss is gradual with cleansing and detoxification. One should never follow crash diet programmes for a rapid weight loss as it hampers the metabolism and results in long term side-effects.

In Ayurveda there are some techniques or therapies specifically recommended for losing weight e.g. Swedanam, Udwartanam, Basti. Besides, there are also other healthy ways of controlling and maintaining weight according to Ayurveda.

NIDANA PARIVARJANA : the most important thing is to avoid factors that contribute to obesity. Avoiding the root cause is the foremost line of treatment to cure any disease.

Lack of physical activity, stress, irregular intake of food, unhealthy dietary habits and incorrect food combinations are some of the most common cause of obesity.

FOOD : food should be wholesome and nutritious and even better if one takes food according to Prakriti which help in correcting and maintaining the three main doshas - Vata Pitta and Kapha. One should avoid excess of sugar, salt oily food, packaged food, white breads and carbonated drinks.

Eat one palate of salad before meals. Take only one course of carbohydrate at a time e.g. potato, rice, or wheat should be taken only in a single meal. Light pulses e.g. moong and masoor should be included in the diet and heavy pulses should be avoided.

EXERCISE: never go to bed immediately after having your food. Ayurveda texts mention to walk 100 steps after having food for better sleep and healthy living. Yoga asanas and Pranayam should be included in the daily routine which helps maintaining the body physically and mentally.

AVOID STRESS: stress nowadays is a major factor for metabolic and endocrinal disorders, obesity being one of them. Relaxation techniques like Pranayam (breathing exercise) and Meditation should be practised to deal with the everyday stresses.

UDWARTANAM — Udawartanam is a medicated massage with herbal powders. Udwartanam helps in increasing the lymphatic circulation which in turn allows the body to release fat from the cells and moves it to the lymphatic drainage system.

SWEDANA — is an Ayurvedic technique to give steam to the body. The steam is formed with herbal decoction. Steam raises the body temperature and dilates the pores; it results in increasing circulation to the skin. The enhanced temperature and increased circulation to the skin brings out the toxins and fat from the inner layers. It is also an excellent therapy for stress related obesity as it releases the nerves and helps the person to get better sleep.

BASTI — it is the process of giving medicated enema to the person. Enema results in releasing blocked channels of the body and remove the toxins from the body. A special type of Basti known as “lekhan basti” (fat dissolving enema) is described in the Ayurvedic texts to dissolve and remove the excess fat through enema.

Along with the various Ayurvedic Treatments mentioned there are many herbs and medicine which aids weight-loss in a natural and scientific way without any side effects.