Welcome to the world of Ayurveda Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

Welcome to the world of Ayurveda Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

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Ayurveda and Covid care

By Dr. Bhavna(B.A.M.S, M.D)
Sr. Ayurvedic Doctor Maharishi Ayurveda

Post Covid care is of utmost importance as individu­ als are prone to multiple complications. The people who are at high risk are either old or the ones that didn't take proper preventive measures to additionally protect their immune system after the recovery.

Common post covid symptoms include fatigue, dys­ pnoea, joint pain, chest pain, cough, change in sense of smell or taste. Some less common symptoms include insomnia, low-grade fevers, headaches, neu­ rocognitive difficulties, myalgia and weakness, gas­ trointestinal symptoms, rash and depression.

  • Consumption of Maharishi Amrit Kalash is highly recommended. In clinical practice, it is believed to be effective in the post-recovery period.
  • Triphala is known to regulate excess pitta in our body as well as eliminate toxins.
  • Ashwagandha works great as an adaptogen that helps the body in adapting to various kinds of stress and promotes stamina and general well-being. It also helps in calming and strengthening the nervous system.
  • Amla fruit one daily/Amla powder 1-3 grams once daily.
  • Warm milk with V2 teaspoonful Haldi (turmeric) in (morning/evening). You can also gargle with turmeric and salt.
  • Daily practice of Yogasana, Pranayama and Medi­ tation, can be done (as much as health permits).
  • Diet has a very important role in the management of Post COVID-19 and it should be Shadrasatma­ ka (with all six tastes) and may include ginger, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, Amla (Indian goose­ berry), mint in their diet to boost immunity.

You can also contact us if you have any queries, complications or concerns regarding Covid-19 as caring for yourself after infection should be your top priority.