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Maharishi ayurveda hospital is an genuine Ayurvedic Weight Loss clinic in Delhi (Shalimar Bagh), give effective Weight Loss treatments with supervision of enormously certified doctors and therapists. It is authorized & certified ayurvedic healing and wellness center with experienced physicians and therapists. Maharishi Ayurveda is one of the specialists in ayurveda weight reduction treatments and offering a Four steps Method to treat weight problems . Weight reduction process consists of Detoxifying strategies, Medicines, Diet plan , and way of life adjustments .

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Objectives & Goals

  • Our ayurveda doctors can help you lose weight in a healthy, holistic, and nourishing way.
  • Preserve to gain ideal weight, based totally for your body constituency even after your programme has ended, thanks to the know-how of food regimen, life fashion and supplements learnt at Maharishi Ayurveda.
  • Holistically understand why imbalances show up in our body structure and the way to save you them from happening once more.
  • Reset your physiology’s system and processes toobtain balanced Agni (Digestive Fire) and begin digesting meals higher and absorbing nutrients correctly.
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Through the science of authentic Ayurveda, we seek to make you achieve an ideal weight, suitable for the natural constitution of your body. We accomplish it with: Daily consultations with Vaidyas (Ayurveda Doctors) Digestion assessment followed with a Food Plan & Personalised Health Plan Measurement and monitoring of weight and body composition

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Endorsed For

  • Overweight People
  • Individuals Who Aren't Overweight but Are Looking for Progressed Physical Fitness and Appearance.
  • Individuals Who Are Suffering From Life-Style Issues Due Imbalanced Weight, Which Include Blood Stress, Ldl Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Many Others.
  • People Looking to Lose Some Pounds.
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