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Maharishi Ayurveda Doctors Are Some Of The Most Highly Trained, Highly Skilled Ayurveda Doctors In The World.Herbal Health Center

In addition to specializing in a variety of medical fields, Maharishi Ayurveda Doctors possess a high level of knowledge and skills to treat all your health concerns. All our guests can rest assured that their needs are being handled with expertise, compassion, and ethics.

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OPD Timings:- Daily (10am to 5pm)
Sunday and Thursday Off .

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Dr. Saurabh Sharma

Senior Ayurvedic Doctor
15+ years of experience

Dr. Saurabh Sharma is a Senior Ayurvedic Doctor and the Medical Superintendent at Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital. He is a graduate of Rajasthan University and has 15 + years of clinical experience with awards such as Bharat Chikitsak Ratna, Mr. Popular, Corona Warrior Award, etc. He specializes in treating Joint Problems like Arthritis and Spondylitis, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal diseases like GERD and Barrettes, cardiovascular disorders like hypertension and heart disease, all chronic disorders, various skin problems and stress management, etc. His knowledge and experience have not only established him in India but also an Ayurveda expert at international level with patients from all over the world. He has appeared on numerous TV channels such as; Pragya TV, Zee TV, A to Z News, Sadhana TV, etc. He is known as a Formulator, Pulse Reader, and Siddha Meditator, which he uses to enhance the effects of Pulse diagnosis which is his favorite part of the practice and has fascinated him since childhood. His friendliness, empathy and command over Ayurveda always make his patients love him as a doctor and health guide. Expert in Dosha Evaluation, he evaluates himself as a dominating Pitta when he is in administrative role and a Kapha when he is with his patients.

Dr.Bhavana Mawar

( B.A.M.S & MD - Medicine )
Senior Ayurvedic Doctor
9+ years of experience

She is trained in areas like Nadi / Pulse Diagnosis Analyzer, Prakriti Analyzer, Acupressure, Marma Therapy, Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation, Ayurvedic Dietetics, Clinical Panchkarma, Ayurvedic Cosmetology, Musculoskeletal / Rheumatological Diseases, Motivational Counsellor, Ayurveda Coach & Wellness Consultant. She is a true Healer and is known to have a good command of handling and treating all kinds of illnesses, such as Men & Women’s Health, Problems related to ageing, Paediatrics, Acute & Chronic health Problems and lifestyle-related problems. Qualification- B.A.M.S from A&U Tibbia College and Hospital, Delhi University,M.D (Medicine kayachikitsa )from All India Institute of Ayurveda, Delhi,Certification in Pulse Diagnosis ( Mumbai ),Certification in Expert Clinical Panchkarma ( Nasik ),Certification in Ayush Clinical Research( Delhi ),Certification from Patanjali Yogpeeth ( Haridwar ),Certification in Different Ayurvedic Treatment Modalities. Expertise & Specialities- Pulse Diagnosis Expert,Clinical Panchkarma Expert,Specialist In General Medicines,Joint Disorders,Lifestyle Disorders,Stress Management & Wellness Consultant. She is a doctor who will hear, help, and heal you in your Healing, Health and Happiness.

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OPD Timings:- Daily (10am to 5pm) Sunday off.

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OPD Timings:- Daily (10am to 5pm) - Wednesday off.

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Dr. Jagbandhu

Senior Ayurvedic Doctor
20 years of experience

Dr.Jagbandhu Nath is a Senior Ayurvedic Doctor at Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital who works with the objective “To be a “Healer” who works for the “Patients”.He is Ayurvedacharya (B.A.M.S.) from University of Kolkata and has 20+years clinical experience and treated more than 15000 patients holistically and constantly working on improving the lives of people with the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda.
He specializes in the treatment of lifestyle disorders such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, migraine, liver disease, acute and chronic kidney disorders, piles, infertility obesity, skin problems& joint pains etc.
His knowledge and experience has not only established him in India but also an Ayurveda expert at international level with patients from all over the world.
He has extra interest for R&D in Ayurveda, Kerali Ayurvedic Procedures & Panchkarma Treatments, Teaching of Maharishi Transcendental Meditaiton, Maharishi Yoga Principles and Ayurvedic management of critically ill patients.

Dr Pragati Walia

Gynaecologist at Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

Dr. Pragati Walia is a highly accomplished Ayurveda Gynaecologist who specializes in women's health and wellness. With her extensive education and training in Ayurvedic medicine, she has become renowned for her expertise in treating gynecological disorders such as uterine fibroids, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, and infertility issues. Driven by her passion for prenatal care, she also provides guidance to couples on preconceptional counseling and practices that positively impact fetal health. Dr. Walia takes a holistic approach to medicine, combining Ayurvedic therapies, lifestyle modifications, diet, herbal medicine, and yoga to offer comprehensive and personalized care to her patients.

Dr. Pragati Walia is a leading Ayurveda gynecologist known for her exceptional contributions to women's health and wellness. With a Bachelor's degree in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery, as well as specialized post-graduation in gynecology and obstetrics, she possesses a deep understanding of gynecological disorders and their treatments. Dr. Walia's expertise extends to garbhsanskar (prenatal care) and preconceptional counseling, where she guides couples in preparing for pregnancy. By employing Ayurvedic therapies, lifestyle adjustments, dietary recommendations, herbal medicine, and yoga, she offers a holistic approach that addresses the unique needs of her patients and promotes overall well-being.

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OPD Timings:-Daily (10am to 5pm)
Thursday Off

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OPD Timings - (5 PM to 8 PM )
Sunday Off

Book Appointment With Dr. Pragati Walia,Ayurveda

Dr. Shilpa Oberoi

Senior Ayurvedic Doctor.
19+ years of experience

Dr. Shilpa Oberoi is a highly experienced Ayurveda consultant with 19 years of expertise in managing lifestyle disorders and chronic diseases. She holds a B.A.M.S. degree from Delhi University, along with various postgraduate certifications. Dr. Oberoi specialises in treating conditions such as autoimmune diseases, Diabetes, Thyroid issues, joint pains, fatty liver, stress management, and digestive problems. Her holistic approach to healthcare emphasises Ayurvedic medicine and Vedic nutrition tailored to individual constitutions, focusing on addressing root causes to achieve consistent medical improvements. With her profound knowledge of Ayurvedic principles and the use of Panchkarma therapy, she believes that all diseases can be effectively managed. Dr. Shilpa Oberoi's dedication to personalised care and natural solutions makes her an outstanding choice for those seeking holistic health treatments.

Dr. Tanya Bhardwaj

Duty Doctor at Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

Dr. Tanya Bhardwaj is an IPD doctor at Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital, specializing in Ayurvedic medicine. She holds a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree from Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma University of Health Sciences in Rohtak, Haryana. With a deep understanding of "Marma Chikitsa" and extensive experience in treating chronic and acute illnesses, Dr. Bhardwaj has conducted numerous free Ayurvedic camps. She focuses on disease management through Ayurveda, implementing personalized diet and nutrition plans. Dr. Bhardwaj believes in empowering her patients, teaching them to understand their own bodies and prioritize their health. She combines her spiritual practices of yoga and meditation to provide holistic care and help individuals build meaningful relationships. Dr. Bhardwaj is dedicated to unleashing the body's innate healing energy using Ayurveda as a powerful tool.

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OPD Timings:-Daily (10am to 5pm)
Sunday Off

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Duty Doctor:- Daily (10am to 5pm)
Saturday Off

Dr. Sahil Kinra

Duty Doctor at Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital

Dr. Sahil Kinra is a dedicated IPD doctor at the prestigious Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital. With a strong educational background from Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary (SGT) University, he brings over 2 years of clinical experience in Ayurveda. Dr. Kinra excels in identifying root causes of ailments, providing effective Ayurvedic treatment, and personalizing diet and lifestyle modifications. With a compassionate and patient-centered approach, he prioritizes the overall well-being of his patients, addressing both physical and mental health. Driven by his belief in Ayurveda's potential, he emphasizes pulse diagnosis and tailors interventions based on an individual's prakriti, dosha, and Agni types. Dr. Kinra is dedicated to guiding his patients towards a state of balance and optimal health, following the Ayurvedic mantra of nurturing a healthy body and mind.

Dr Pooja Bamal

Duty doctor at Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital
5 years of experience

She is a duty doctor at Maharishi Ayurveda hospital. She graduated from G.B Ayurvedic College, Rohtak. She is of the strong belief that our ancient science has given us a lot in form of Ayurveda which gives us a framework for a healthy lifestyle. Her treatment approach involves seeking the medical history of the patient, pulse diagnosis, treatment, diet and lifestyle changes according to individual Prakriti/Dosha's.
She is committed to spreading awareness about Ayurveda, preventing, and treating diseases and helping as many people as possible by bringing them knowledge about nature and Ayurvedic medicines.

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Duty Doctor:- Daily (8am to 4pm) - Thursday off.