Natural Detoxification

Natural Detoxification

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Detoxification has become the latest trend. How to remove body toxins? Do you need to detox your body? Our minds often wonder, is detoxing important? Nowadays, women and men undergo detox therapy once in a while since it has become an important part of our lives. Ayurveda has been popular for thousands of years as a method of eliminating toxins from the body using the benefits of nature. Natural detoxification strengthens your body's natural detoxification process with herbal oils, organic spas, yoga, and meditation. Maharishi offers a gentle and convenient way to detox the body without straining it. Our 100% natural, extensive research-based formulations can cleanse the accumulated toxins from your body and boost your health and vitality without creating new imbalances. Our expert doctors will offer insight into the underlying cause of the build-up of toxins and prescribe a customized diet and treatment plan to improve your health.

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Objectives and Goals

  • Understanding the factors that are building up toxins in your body and prevent them from reoccurring in future.
  • Achieve and restore the natural pH levels of the body with tailored diet and customized treatments.
  • ontinue maintaining the body pH and vitality even after the end of your program through yoga, herbal oils and Ayurvedic supplements.
  • Obtain a balanced vata, pitta and kapha by resetting your routine and eating better.
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You can cleanse your body of accumulated toxins through our 100% natural, extensive research-based formulations and enjoy improved health and vitality without creating new imbalances .

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Recommended for

  • People who feel tired frequently, have skin disorders, bad gut-health, problem sleeping or concentrating.
  • People who have unhealthy eating habits, consume alcohol or fast food frequently.
  • People who want to develop healthful habits and lead a happier and more productive lifestyle.
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